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 Deforestation hurts us all* 3-6 billion trees are cut down each       year

 * 35% are used to manufacture paper     products

 * Trees that are 200 years old are           transformed into garbage. 

 * Deforestation causes 35% of global     greenhouse gas emissions

Can you really get present to that?   Each year millions of pounds of highly toxic chemicals are released into the air and water from papermaking plants around the world… Still with me?  Even though replacing natural forest with tree farms creates a relatively reliable source of wood pulp, 90% of the species contained in a natural forest are obliterated in the process!  In addition, the conversion of forests to tree farms leads to a radical loss of freshwater, air quality and soil cohesion.

What does all this mean?...

It means we get the opportunity to make choices that can drastically shift this path of destruction to a path of rejuvination.

Who says respecting the earth should be boring or plain?  Not Care Ware!  We put the Fun in to FUNction!  Though deforestation is a serious subject, we understand that life needs to have balance, so lighten your load, reduce your footprint and enjoy doing it with a Hip Hanky today!


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