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What's up with us?

Do it for the treesWell, I tell you what's up with us! We care about the Earth and finding sustainable ways for humans to live in harmony with our environment!

A little back story for ya...

Suzanne “SuzE Q” Pirnat dreamed up Care Ware after becoming acutely aware of the devastating footprint humans are leaving on the planet.   She looked at all the things in her life that she disposed of and began to design sustainable alternatives. The first to launch is Hip Hankys, Eco Handkerchief, a tissue alternative.   This product was inspired years ago through debilitating allergy attacks and now is finally coming to fruition! Bringing back the classic place of the handkerchief in society, Hip Hanky’s puts a new, fashionable and ecoFUNctional twist to your grandparent’s handkerchief. Made locally from 100% recyclable Microfiber and printed with an eco sublimation process that only uses 10% of water used in an average dying process.  Hip Hankys is a leader in harmonious living with our planet.

Giving back: Care Ware donates a percentage of each sale to a non-profit that plants trees. So in addition to saving trees with this purchase, you are actually reforesting our planet at the same time! Thank you for being part of the solution! 

And just so you know, we are continually searching for new innovations to create a smaller and smaller footprint, collaborating with likeminded companies to not just clean up our beloved Earth, but to green it up! 

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